View and edit information about your production.

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To access your production's settings, open your production on the web and click the gear button next to the production's title. From this space, you can view your collaborators list, change the title of your show, and leave or delete a production.

Change Your Production Title

If you're the owner of your production and you want to change the name, click the title under "Production Settings" and type the new name. Hit "Enter" on your keyboard or click out of the title to save your changes.

Collaborators List

View who has been added to your production under "Team" and add new collaborators when needed. To remove members, click the ellipses next to their name and choose "Remove". If you cannot add or remove collaborators, you might not have the right permissions.

Leaving/Deleting a Production

If you want to leave a production you were invited to, click the ellipses next to the title and click "Leave Production". If you're the owner of the production, you'll see "Delete Production" instead. Deleting a production is permanent, leaving a production is not. If you want to join a production that you left, you can reach out to your production admin to re-add you as a collaborator.

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