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(Web) Learn More About Scene Breakdown Information
(Web) Learn More About Scene Breakdown Information

View your production materials within the context of the script

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This article contains information for using the ProductionPro Web App. If you're using the ProductionPro iPad App, please see this article.

When you upload your script, ProductionPro will read all the information and break it down by scene, allowing you to view your material within the context of the script. This breakdown also includes information on elements and characters, as well as direct links to the script.

Viewing Scene Breakdown Information

You can view your production's scene breakdown information in the Media Library, which is grouped by "Scene" by default. You can group your media in other ways, but the "Scene" grouping will always include the breakdown information.

Every scene is listed in the breakdown, whether or not you have media tagged to them. If you only want to view the breakdown information for scenes that have media in them, you can toggle off "Show Empty Groups" in the grouping menu.

Accessing the Script

Each scene listed in the breakdown is connected to its respective page in the script. You can access the page by clicking the paper icon under the scene’s title, making it easy to navigate from the breakdown to the script.

Opening a Character’s Media Collection

The scene breakdown information includes a list of all the characters that appear in that scene. You can click on each of these names to open a pre-filtered media collection for that character, automatically grouped by scene (you can group this collection in other ways if needed).

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