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(Web) Meet the Production Media Library
(Web) Meet the Production Media Library

View the media you need, the way you want.

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This article contains information for using the ProductionPro Web App. If you're using the ProductionPro iPad App, please see this article.

When you first access the Media Library, you’ll see all your files organized by scene, which displays production's scene breakdown information.

You can group and view your media by Character, Scene, and Department to quickly scan what’s in each category. Search for specific files using the Character, Department, and Scene filters - these are the tags you’ve assigned your media. You can also sort files by chronological, alphabetical, or reverse alphabetical order.

If you’ve uploaded media but haven’t assigned them tags, they cannot be grouped and are not searchable until you’ve tagged them.

Have files in your Archive? Just toggle from your “Current” to “Archive” view to see those materials.

Finally, to let your team see everything organized the way you’ve filtered and grouped them, copy and share the view with your team.

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