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(iPad) Meet Your Scene Breakdown
(iPad) Meet Your Scene Breakdown

Organize your media within an interactive breakdown of your script

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This article contains information for using the ProductionPro iPad App. If you're using the ProductionPro Web App, please see this article.

When you tap on a production in your Show Library, you'll open to its Scene Breakdown. This is an interactive breakdown of your script where you can automatically sort your production designs and media.

The three main features of your production's scene breakdown are the:

  1. Focal Point - slide the yellow focal point across the top of your breakdown and flip your iPad to access a specific page in the script

  2. Poster Track - located above each scene title, select or upload a file that showcases an important moment in a scene as that scene's poster  

  3. Media Collections - tap on any scene title or character's name to open its pre-filtered media collection and upload designs specific to that scene or character

All media you upload to the breakdown will appear in your Production Media Library. If you need to update your breakdown throughout the production, you can always tap the yellow "Edit Breakdown" button.

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