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(iPad) How Do I Upload Media?

Use the ProductionPro iPad app to upload your files.

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This article contains information for using the ProductionPro iPad App. If you're using the ProductionPro Web App, please see this article.

When you tap on a red plus (+) button, you'll be prompted to upload files* using one of the following:

  1. Your iPad camera;

  2. Your iPad Photo Library; or

  3. A connected file management app like iCloud Drive, Dropbox, etc. (by tapping "More")

You can add media anywhere you see a red plus (+) button - the Production Media Library, Poster Track, or directly to a Scene or Character Media Collection.

*Files uploaded to ProductionPro cannot exceed 1GB in size; ProductionPro currently supports the following file formats:

  1. Video: MP4, MOV

  2. Audio: MP3

  3. Image: JPG, PNG

  4. Document: PDF

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