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(iPad) How Do I Add Documents to the Production Binder?
(iPad) How Do I Add Documents to the Production Binder?

Upload your files using the ProductionPro iPad App

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This article contains information for using the ProductionPro iPad App. If you're using the ProductionPro Web App, please see this article.

Tap on your show in the Show Library to open your production and flip your iPad to portrait mode. Then tap the Documents icon in the upper left corner to view all of the documents in your production binder. To add a new file:

  • Tap the plus (+) button in the upper left corner, next to the back arrow

  • Tap "Upload New Document", then tap "Browse"

  • Upload your file directly from your iPad or from a file-sharing app like Dropbox or Google Drive

⚠️ You can only upload PDF files to the Binder.

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