Collaborator Permission Levels

Find out more about the the permissions you can assign team members.

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Everyone added to a production on ProductionPro are considered collaborators. However, collaborators may be assigned different permissions based on their role in production or what you'd like them to do on the show in ProductionPro. The three main permissions are:

  1. Read-only. These collaborators can access and annotate their script, piano vocal score, and uploaded documents, they just cannot add or delete material.

  2. Edit/Contribute. These collaborators can annotate their script, piano vocal score, and uploaded documents, as well as upload, archive, or remove any documents or media uploaded to the production.

  3. Edit/Contribute and Share. These collaborators can do the same as the "edit/contribute" group above, and can also invite others to the production.

Once you invite your team members, they can create their ProductionPro account, verify their email, and log in to see the material.

If you need to upgrade a team member's permission level, you can either adjust their settings in the ProductionPro iPad app or, if you're using the web app, click the ellipses next to their name and click "Edit Permissions".

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