The notes you make on scripts or other PDF documents are saved in layers (on the Web, on the iPad) and are private by default. You can share each layer instantly with one or more people in your production.

Sharing a layer

To share a layer, hit the 'Share Layer' icon:

You can only share layers that you own, as indicated by the different states of the 'Share Layer' icon:

Once you tap on the ‘Share Layer’ icon, it opens the layer sharing menu where you can select the Team Member(s) you want to share that layer with, or adjust the settings of a previously shared layer:

Once you hit the ‘Share Layer’ button at the bottom of the menu, the layer will automatically and instantly be visible to your recipients. They will receive an email notification and will just have to open the document as they normally would to see the shared layer listed in their list of layers.

Making changes to a shared layer

Sharing updated notes or changing recipients

After you have shared a layer, any edits or new notes you make in that layer won’t be visible to your recipients: you will have to voluntarily share those updates with your recipients. To do so, click on the ‘Share Layer’ icon to open the layer sharing menu where you will see this message:

Edit the list of recipients if needed and hit the “Share Changes” button at the bottom of the menu.

Transferring shared layers

When a document is updated and you transfer a layer of notes to the new version, you'll need to re-share the layer with the same recipients who had access to it in the original document.

Renaming shared layers

You can change the name of a layer that you have already shared or that has been shared with you, but the name change will only be visible to you.


Who can share a layer?

Anyone on the production can share an annotation layer, even users with read-only permissions.

Can recipients see changes in real time?

No, any change you make to an annotation layer after you’ve shared it won’t be visible to the recipients until you share those updates. That way, you can share changes only when you are done making them and are ready to share them!

Can recipients add their own notes to the shared layer?

No, a shared layer can only be edited by its owner; it is read-only for its recipients.

Can I unshare a layer after I have shared it?

Yes, simply go into the sharing settings of the layer in question and toggle off every Team Member you want to stop sharing the layer with.

Will the recipients be notified?

When you share a layer or share updates to the layer, recipients will receive a notification email listing the production, document, and layer in question. However, they won’t be notified if you stop unshare a layer with them.

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