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Here’s a comprehensive guide for transferring notes between document revisions

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Whenever a file is updated in the production binder, you can transfer notes from the old version to the new one, by importing your annotation layers. To get started, open the file you want to import your notes into (this would be the new version). Then tap “My Notes” at the top of your script to open the annotation layers menu.

From the annotation layers menu, tap “Import layers”

This opens a list of every document in your production binder, whether they’re archived or not; if the document you want to import your notes from is archived, there will be a grey archive icon next to it.

Select your document and tap Continue in the bottom corner.

You will then see a list of the layers you can choose to import from that document. Please note that you can only transfer layers you created; any layers that were shared with you will not appear in this list.

After selecting the layers you want to import (you can select multiple layers at a time), tap “Import”.

Once the import is successful, the transferred layer will appear in your layers menu with the visibility turned off. Simply turn the visibility on and you can now continue working with the same notes!


Are my notes deleted from the old version of the document?

No, your notes will still exist in the original document you created them in. Transferring your notes copies and pastes your layers between file versions, so you can quickly pick up where you left off whenever there’s an updated version.

Can I edit/share notes that have been transferred?

Yes! Any layers you transfer function as if you originally made them in that document, so you can add new notes, delete or change old notes, and share the layer with others in the production. Please note, however, that any changes you make after transferring your notes will not be reflected in the original document you imported them from.

How can I transfer notes that were shared with me?

You cannot transfer another person’s notes in the document, the same way you cannot edit a layer that is shared with you. The owner will need to transfer that layer between the documents on their end, and then re-share the layer with you. Similarly, if you shared notes with others, you’ll need to re-share the layer with your recipients once you transfer it.

My transfer failed, why?

Transferring your notes will fail for two reasons; 1) the layer you tried to transfer didn't have any notes on it, or 2) the documents you were transferring notes between are completely different (for example, one is a script and the other is a schedule). Anytime a transfer fails, the reason will be listed after you attempt the import.

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