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How Do I Highlight or Make Notes on My Script?
How Do I Highlight or Make Notes on My Script?

Here's a comprehensive guide to making notes on ProductionPro.

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Annotate any PDF document in your binder, whether it’s a script, piano vocal score or any other document you've uploaded.* Write like you would on paper using an Apple Pencil, stylus of your choice, or even your finger. All notes are personal to you and no one else in your production can see them unless you've shared your them.

Annotation Tools

Here are the tools that are available to you:

  1. Text Highlighter (your PDF needs to include readable text for this to work): Select your text to highlight, strikethrough, or underline it

  2. Note Tool: Create and customize post notes on the script

  3. Text Tool: Type notes directly on the script with your keyboard

  4. Freehand Pen: Write notes on your document with an Apple Pencil, stylus, or your finger

  5. Magic Ink: Convert freehand drawings into shapes (press and hold the freehand pen to switch to magic ink)

  6. Freehand Highlighter: Drag your Pencil, stylus, or finger over the text to highlight it

  7. Lines & Shapes: Create clean arrows, lines, and shapes on your document

    1. iPad App - press and hold the shape icon to switch between options

    2. Web App - click the shape dropdown menu next to the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the script view

Annotation Power Moves

  • Press and hold on a note to move or resize it

  • Press and hold on a note and select “Inspector” to change its state, such as its color, background color, opacity, or thickness

  • Press and hold on a note and select "Copy;" to paste the note, hold down on the page for 1-2 seconds and select "Paste"

  • Open the annotations summary to see a list of all your notes/bookmarks and jump to specific annotated pages

Annotation Saving

Save your notes frequently by doing any of the following:

  • Flipping your iPad to the scene breakdown

  • Closing the binder document you are making notes on

If there's a new version of the document you made annotations on, you can easily transfer your notes from the old file to the new one.

If you think some of your notes have been deleted by accident, please get in touch with us using the in-app chat or emailing The integrity of your data is of utmost importance to us.

*Please note that you can only annotate PDF documents in the Binder. You cannot annotate on PDF documents uploaded into your Media Library.

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