(Web) How Do I Use Binder Sections?

Use sections to keep the production binder organized

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This article contains information for using the ProductionPro Web App. If you're using the ProductionPro iPad App, please see this article.

Sections are a great way to separate and organize your production binder documents by script, schedule, department, and more. Anyone with collaboration permissions can create, rename, and delete sections, as well as move documents from one section to another.

⚠️ Sections will be the same for everyone on the production.

⚠️ Read-only users cannot create or edit sections.

What You Can Do with Sections

Creating Sections

To create a new section, click the plus (+) icon in the upper right menu of the production binder and give it a unique name.

If you have a file set as the "Current Script", you will see that it is no longer singled out once you create your first section. Instead, a yellow link icon appears next to the file's name.


After you create your first section, the "Uncategorized" section is automatically created. This is where you will find documents that:

  • Have just been uploaded to the production binder,

  • Have not been assigned to a section yet,

  • Were in a section that was deleted.

Moving Documents

To move documents into a section, you can simply drag and drop the file from "Uncategorized" to the section you want it in. You can also click the overflow icon (...) next to the document to open the "Change Section" modal.

Renaming / Deleting Sections

You can rename or delete a section by clicking the overflow (...) icon next to the section's name. If you delete a section, documents from that section will move to "Uncategorized" (this section cannot be renamed nor deleted).


Do I have to make sections for both the Current and Archive spaces?

No, sections are mirrored in the production binder. If you make a section in the Current space, you will see the same section in the Archive; this way, when you archive a document, it will still live in the same section.

How do I sort my sections?

Sections are automatically sorted alphabetically; if you want to sort them in a specific order, prefix each section with a number when you name them (e.g.: "1 - Scripts", "2 - Schedules", etc.).

Can I collapse/expand a section?

Yes, just click the arrow icon to the right of the section's name.

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