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Inviting Your Team to ProductionPro
Inviting Your Team to ProductionPro

Share your show with collaborators using their emails.

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Much of what we do is driven by teamwork, so we've made it real simple for you to share your work and ideas with your team and have them contribute to the development of your show.

ProductionPro Web App

Once you’ve logged into your ProductionPro account:

1. Click on your show title to access your show.
2. Click on the gear button next to your show title to see your Settings.

3. Click on + Add Member to start adding your team using their email addresses. If you are adding multiple emails, use commas to separate them.

4. Select the permissions you’d like to assign each person or batch of people. 

5. Click the Send Invites button.

You should then see a window showing you if each email was successfully added or not. If some emails in your list are not successfully added, please double check that their emails are accurate and that they were not already invited to the production.

If the Add Member button is greyed out for you, it’s likely you have “Read-only” permissions and may not share the production with others. Please contact your admin to add new team members or have them assign you the right permissions to do so.

ProductionPro iPad App

To add a collaborator in the ProductionPro iPad app, tap the Team button in the bottom right corner of the Scene Breakdown and follow these steps:

  1. Tap the red plus (+) button at the bottom of the modal

  2. Enter the collaborator's email address and tap its corresponding red plus (+) button

  3. Choose the permissions you want for this collaborator

  4. Tap Share

They will then receive an email notification with a link to ProductionPro on the Web. All they need to do now is create their ProductionPro accounts using the added email, verify their email address, then log in to see the show.

Pro-tip: if you have a lot people to add to the production, we recommend using the web app since you can add multiple collaborators at a time (versus the iPad app, which you have to add people one-by-one).

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