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Learn More About Breakdown View
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This feature is only available on the ProductionPro Web App, on desktop and tablet. You can access a visual version of the breakdown for your show in the ProductionPro iPad app.

While the Media Library allows you to view your material within the context of the script, the Breakdown view displays your character-scene breakdown in a familiar table format. You can easily see character and scene information, as well as navigate to the script or a media collection.

Breakdown Information Overview

Each element of the script is presented in the Breakdown view, in the form of a Scenes table and a Characters table.

The Scenes table lists out all scenes in story order and displays each scene's information, including scene number, set location, scene title, time of day, and the list of characters present in that scene.

Conversely, the Characters table lists every character by how many scenes they appear in throughout the production; those who appear in the most scenes will be at the top of the table. You can view a list of what those scenes are under the "Scenes" column.

If you need to edit the breakdown view, you can do so in the ProductionPro iPad app. If you do not have access to the iPad app, please reach out to us for help.

Accessing the Script

In the Scenes table, each scene is also connected to its respective page in the script. You can access that page by clicking the script icon under the "Script" column of the table.

Opening a Media Collection

You can click on every scene title or character name in the Breakdown view to open a pre-filtered media collection for that respective scene or character.

Filtering Breakdown Information

When you want see specific information within the Breakdown view, you can filter* the table using the filtering dropdowns in each column.

For example, let’s say you’re looking at the Scenes table and you want to see a list of all the scenes a certain character appears in. To do this, just click on the "Characters" column and select the character’s name.

You can select as many filters as you want under across each column, in either table format, to narrow down the information to what you need in the moment.

*Filtering the breakdown is not accessible on mobile at this time.

Exporting the Breakdown

You can export the Scenes table view in the breakdown as a CSV file by clicking the "Export" button in the right-hand corner of the view. Any filters you have selected will save in the export.

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