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I tried adding my team but can't seem to do so. What now?
I tried adding my team but can't seem to do so. What now?

Make sure your emails are right, and - if there's a list of them - make sure they're separated by commas.

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There are three things to check if you're having issues adding your collaborator's email addresses.

  1. Are the email addresses correct? We often get emails with typos or weird spacing within the email address, and these errors cause the system to reject the email.

  2. Do you have a comma after each email in a list? When adding multiple emails to a production at one time, please make sure you separate the emails with commas so the system can process them without issue. (Adding multiple emails at one time is only available via ProductionPro on the Web.)

  3. Do you have the correct permissions to share the production with others? If not, please contact your production admin to add these new team members or request they give you the requisite permissions to add others to the production.

Still have questions? Please start a chat with us and provide us with your email, booking ID, organization name, and show title.

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