Log into your production through ProductionPro on the Web and navigate to the Library (BETA) tab. Click on the red plus (+) button to start uploading files* from your device. If you're on your computer, you may drag and drop your files to upload them.

Once they're uploaded, you can add tags to your files:

  1. Check the box next to the file name in the Upload Menu. If you've dismissed this window, you can check the box in the upper left corner of each file's thumbnail in the Library (BETA) space.
  2. Click the yellow "Add Tags" button and start selecting the tags you want to attach to your files. You can add scene, character, and department tags, such as Props, Costume, Set, etc.
  3. Click "Save". 

When you need to find a certain file, you'll be able to use these tags to filter your media in the Library.

*ProductionPro currently supports the following file formats:

  1. Video: MP4, MOV
  2. Audio: MP3
  3. Image: JPG, PNG
  4. Document: PDF
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