Uploading with the Web App

To upload via the web app, log into your account and click on your show in the Productions list. You'll be taken directly to the production's Binder.

If you don't have anything in the Binder, you'll see a red plus (+) sign in the center that you can click on to add files or simply drag and drop them into the space. 

If a file already exists in the Binder, the red plus (+) sign will appear in the top right corner.

Uploading with the iPad App

To upload PDFs using the iPad app, open your production and flip your iPad to access its Binder. Tap the red plus (+) button at the bottom to add new documents.

You can view all of your Binder documents by tapping on Documents to the right of the red plus (+) button.

Please note that you can only upload PDFs to your Binder.

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