If you try to log into the ProductionPro iPad app and you see a pop-up message saying there was an error processing your email address, this often means that the iPad app isn’t connecting to our servers.

To fix this issue, make sure you’ve tried one of the following before logging in again:

  • Connect to a different WiFi network

  • Close the app completely

  • Delete the app from your device and redownload it from the App Store

You may have to try a combination of the above, or all three; since it’s a connection issue, it may take a little time to resolve. Until you can log into the iPad app, we recommend using the ProductionPro web app in the meantime.

If you can’t log into the iPad app OR the web app, then there might be a firewall blocking access (this is very common with school devices and WiFi networks). Here’s what you can do in that situation.

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