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Is my data encrypted?

An in-depth look at how ProductionPro encrypts your data.

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ProductionPro uses several layers of encryption to protect your data - while in-transit (as it travels to and from ProductionPro) and at rest (while it is stored in the Cloud).

Encryption at Rest
Media uploaded via ProductionPro is stored on Amazon S3 and is protected using Amazon S3โ€™s built-in Server Side Encryption feature with AWS-managed encryption keys (SSE-S3), which transparently and automatically encrypts all data at rest using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with 256-bit symmetric keys (AES-256). Audio and video media that have been transcoded by ProductionPro on your behalf are encrypted at rest using the same server-side encryption feature. Additional information on how encryption at rest protects your data can be found here:

Metadata related to your uploaded media as well as data related to your account and the productions you have access to is stored on Amazon RDS instances and encrypted at rest using the same AES-256 encryption that we currently use to protect your data in Amazon S3.

Encryption in Transit
ProductionPro uses industry-standard encryption to protect data in transit. All data in transit over a network is encrypted using TLS, with certificates signed by a trusted Certificate Authority and using RSA-2048 (or better) and SHA-256 (or better). We support a mix of cipher suites and TLS protocols to provide a balance of strong encryption for browsers and clients that support it and backward compatibility for legacy clients that need it. We continue improving our transport security posture to support our commitment to protecting your data.

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