After you've uploaded and tagged your media, you can choose how you’d like to view them. 

Grouping Media

By default, your media is grouped by scene every time you log into your production. This automatically displays the scene breakdown information, but you can group your media in other ways.

See those two tabs above your media? The left tab lets you change the grouping, so you can view media by groups like "Department" or "Character". The right tab changes the organization, so you can sort media alphabetically or by the most recent. This allows you to quickly scan what’s in each category

Filtering Media

To narrow your search, you can select any relevant filters under the “Filters and Tags” column. For example, if you want to view costume designs for every character across the production, group your media by "Character" and then select the "Costumes" filter.

Using Groups and Filters together allows you to view media according to your specific needs. You can also share these applied filters with your team so they can view any research, choreography videos, music tracks etc. the way you’ve organized them.

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