Now that you have your story structure laid out in the visual scroll, it's time to fill it in with bits and pieces of inspiration or production elements - whether video, music, or pictures.*

You may add media to the poster track - those white boxes with the red plus (+) button - or to any of your Scene or Character Moment Boxes. Just tap on a Scene Title or Character to open its Moment Box.

Adding media is simple - just tap the red plus (+) button to:

  1. Use your iPad camera to take a photo or video;
  2. Choose a video or picture from your iPad Photos library; or
  3. Select "More" to choose a connected file management app like iCloud Drive, Dropbox etc.

Let's tap "More" to grab a video from Dropbox.

Tap "Dropbox" to open your connected Dropbox account.

Select your desired piece of media to import it into ProductionPro.

You will then see a "Large File" popup moments later, indicating that your file is in the process of being uploaded. This means you can work on uploading media to other parts of your current visual scroll.

Your media will appear when it is completely uploaded onto ProductionPro!**

*ProductionPro currently supports the following file formats:

  1. Video: MP4, MOV
  2. Audio: MP3
  3. Image: JPG, PNG
  4. Document: PDF

Please make sure your file size does not exceed 250 MB to ensure a smooth upload. If you would like to increase your file size upload limit, please email or chat with us to upgrade your account.

**You may experience a slight wait for a video upload, but as long as you get a "Large File" popup, it will be appear as soon as it fully uploads onto ProductionPro.


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