This is your Visual Scroll. See your entire show at-a-glance - the script broken down by scenes, with all the characters and elements underneath.

Now that you have a structure, drop your choreography videos, charts, costume designs, rehearsal tracks etc. straight into the structure of your story to provide your collaborators with a fuller picture.

Titles change - we get that. To change your show title, simply tap the gear button on your bottom bar.

You'll now see a pop-up with your Show Name. Tap on your Show Name to start editing.

When you're done renaming your Show, hit "return". Your show is now renamed.

Have a question you can't find an answer to on our Help Center? No worries - just tap the (?) on the bottom bar to reach a member of our team.

Changed a structural detail in development? Find out how to edit your Visual Scroll.


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