Our algorithm is young. It may not be able to read every single script with absolute accuracy, but it's getting better with every piece of data we feed it.

In the meantime, if you've imported a script that doesn't generate a Visual Scroll - or a preferred version of the Scroll - please feel free to edit it to your liking, and we'll link your script for you.

It's simple. If your script is parsed with any level of success, you'll launch into your Visual Scroll. Just tap the "Edit Scroll" button on the bottom right corner to start editing in Scratch.

If our algorithm does not parse your script successfully, you'll launch directly into Scratch, where you can immediately start editing scenes, acts, and the details within.

Tap the red plus (+) button to add an Act or Scene.

Then fill the new Scene in with details such as a scene number and title or location.

Next, add the characters - by tapping the (+) button by the Characters' names or scrolling down and tapping "Add Character" - you want in the Scene, then tap the "Save Edits" button on the bottom right corner.

Your changes are now saved, and you now have a new scene to add your designs to!

Once you're done editing your Visual Scroll, just email or tap the (?) at the bottom bar to start a live chat with us to get your script synced up with your Scroll.


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