You can now view - and filter - all your uploaded media in the Production Media Library (PML)!

Just go into your Production, and tap on the picture icon on the bottom bar to access the PML.

Once you're in the PML, you will see all your uploaded media. You may now scroll through all your media or filter them using Scene or Character tags.

 To look for media uploaded into specific Scene or Character Moment Boxes, simply start typing the Scene title or Character name into the Filter.

Select the filter you want applied to your PML, and hit "return". In this case, we want to see all media that's been uploaded to the Character "Munchkins".

You can now see only the media that's been uploaded into the filtered Character.

If you'd like to see media associated with a specific Character in a specific Scene, just use the filters for the Character and Scene. For example, if I only wanted to see my "Munchkins" media in the Scene "Munchkinland", I would select and apply both filters.


How do I add media to my Visual Scroll?

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