You can now view, organize, and filter all your uploaded media in the Media Library!

Just go into your Production, and tap on the Library icon on the bottom bar to access it.

Once you're in the Media Library, you will see all of your uploaded media. You may now tag your media to make sure they appear in their respective Scenes, Characters, or departments. Once you've tagged your media, you may use them as filters to view only media associated with those tags. 

To look for media tagged with a specific Scene or Character:

  1. Tap in the Filter field, and type the Scene Title or Character Name;
  2. Select the tags that apply to your search;
  3. Hit "return" on your keyboard.

You'll now only see the media you've attached those tags to.

You may also filter such media by viewing them in your Visual Scroll - simply toggle back to it by tapping the Scroll icon in the bottom bar.

Once you're back in the Scroll, just go to the Scene you desire, and tap on a Scene Moment Box to view scene media or a Character Moment Box to view character-related media. In this example, you'll see a Scene Moment Box. All the tags you've attached to the media in this Moment Box are listed in the bar at the top of the box.

To further filter your media down in the Moment Box, simply tap the filter you wish to apply. In this example, we'll tap "Costume" to only see the media associated with that tag. Tap "Costume" again to return to seeing all Scene media.

Toggle between the Scroll and Library to view your media in different ways.


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