And with our Binder Bot Email Tool, you can email a new script to a unique Production email address and immediately receive a script change summary and PDFs of the changed pages. Then forward or distribute the information as needed!

To replace an old script as the Production's backing PDF (the document that's linked to the Visual Scroll), you first have to make sure you've created your Production using an existing script in ProductionPro.

Next, go into your Production and tap the gear button on the right side of the bottom bar. You'll see your Show details and the unique Binder Bot Email you'll need to send your new script to.

Copy the unique email address and paste it in the "To" field of a new email. Then make sure the word "Current" is included in the Subject Header, attach the new script PDF to the email, and hit "Send".

Within seconds, you'll receive an email from titled "Script change summary". This tells you how many pages have been affected/changed/omitted, and includes two PDF attachments - one of your new script, another of just the changed pages.

This also means your new script has replaced your previous version in your Production Binder.

You may also add new PDF documents to your Production Binder using the same unique Binder Bot Email. Just make sure the word "Binder" is included in the email Subject Header, attach your PDF document, and hit "Send". You will then receive an email confirming that your document has been successfully added to the Binder.

If you receive a "ProductionPro Service Error" email, please make sure you're sending the email from the same email address on your ProductionPro account. Please also ensure your attached document is a PDF.

*Please email us if you'd like to re-map the pages of your new script/document to the scenes in your visual scroll.


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