Are you doing an MTI show and want to see if ProductionPro is right for your team? You can now try it free for 30 days!

To add ProductionPro to your MTI license:

  1. Go to Find Your Show and click on your show title*

  2. Click the “Start Free Trial” button on your show’s page

  3. Follow the checkout process** to add ProductionPro to your license

  4. At the end of your 30-Day Free Trial, you’ll be charged the one-time $199 fee for your show

Once we process your order, you’ll receive an email inviting you to view the digital script for your show! You’ll be able to add your entire team to ProductionPro so they can access the digital script and score, as well as view any rehearsal materials you upload to the show.

If you decide ProductionPro isn’t right for you, you can cancel your order anytime during your free trial.

Have questions related to an Enterprise production? Just click on the chat bubble on the bottom right corner of this page to start a chat with us, or email us at

*You must have a valid show license from Music Theatre International (MTI) in order to be eligible for a free trial of ProductionPro.

**A payment method is required in order to receive the 30-Day Free Trial.

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