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Advanced Security

Security benefits of ProductionPro Advanced Productions

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ProductionPro Advanced Productions (ProductionPro’s Enterprise solution) benefit from advanced security features specifically designed for Film and TV Studios.

ProductionPro supports the same kind of advanced Digital Rights Management (DRM) used by major film and television studios, providing an extra layer of security beyond the usual TLS encryption. Users with a ProductionPro Advanced Production have the option to enable DRM for all audio and video media uploaded to that production. We currently support FairPlay DRM and Widevine DRM. We use BuyDRM as our license service and Bitmovin as both our encoding service and our packaging service.

Some studios have media that is so sensitive that they require extra protection against internal leaks.  ProductionPro supports watermarking uploaded media in order to deter leaks and to trace any that do occur back to the originating user.  Images and PDFs use a burned-in watermark that identifies both the production and the user. Videos use a burned-in watermark that identifies the production and an overlay watermark identifying the specific user. Watermarks are an optional feature of ProductionPro Advanced Productions.

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