Welcome to ProductionPro, and thank you for purchasing the ProductionPro add-on for your licensed show! Want a live run-through of how to get started? Sign up for our webinar here.

You begin in your Production Library, where you can tap on your show to access your licensed content - script and score - as well as a comprehensive show breakdown. Use this intuitive breakdown to pull together all research, designs, and reference videos into one simple place that enables and enhances communication and the decision-making process.

Here's a tutorial on how to navigate in your add-on in ProductionPro:

Have questions? Just tap the in-app (?) and I'll be on-hand to help. :)

Please note that the digital script and score will be removed from the Production at the end of your licensing period. You will still be able to access the Visual Scroll and all the media you've uploaded into your Production.

If you'd like a more in-depth run-through, join our "Getting Started with ProductionPro" webinar! Register here.

How do I add Media?
How do I view Media?
How do I annotate my Script?
How do I add more Documents?
How do I add a Collaborator?

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